Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure
Flux Deck + Enclosure

Flux Deck + Enclosure

Regular price €330,00 (with estimated VAT)

Please note: Don't overtighten the enclosure bolts to avoid damaging the top layer of the deck and the enclosure!

Deck Versions:
* Logo + graphic: same deck as the flux deck with logo and graphic
* Second choice: decks with some small aesthetic imperfections, examples here.

Enclosure Versions:
Only Mounting Holes: Enclosure with holes for the mounting bolts
* Mounting + motor + led + chargeport holes: Mounting, motorwire, led, chargeport holes
* All holes + heatsink cutout + heatsink & lasercut piece:
All the above holes + cutout for the heatsink, comes with the heatsink (compatible with FocBox Unity and StormCore) and the lasercut clamping piece (see last pictures)


For the DIY enthousiasts we offer the Flux AT deck + enclosure combo. The deck comes with pre-installed inserts, the enclosure comes with pre-drilled holes!

Custom deck 100x29cm : poplar, glass - and carbonfiber
5mm thick ABS enclosure with diamond pattern, fits for 12s10p 18650 cells, 20x14x4cm per compartiment
Threaded M5 inserts
6mm rubber foam sealing strip

Rubber foam sealing
Stainless steel mounting hardware
Rubbers for motor wires
NOT included: griptape

Please note:
8 holes are drilled for the motorwires, rubber grommets fits for 12awg wire
18mm drilled hole for CN linko 10A charge port
16mm drilled hole for led switch

Up to 80km range (1500Wh, 12s11p Samsung 35E)
Speed up to +/-50km/h
2x 6374 3500W maytech motor's
Focbox Unity or BKB Xenith

200mm/8" pneumatic tires
MBS Rockstar II hubs
Metal Matrix II trucks 
Orange and yellow shockblocks
Custom deck: poplar, glass - and carbonfiber
CNC aluminum 7075 motor mounts
20mm wide pulleys and belts
15T steel motor pulley
68T aluminum wheel pulley
Flipsky VX1 remote
10A charger
2 spare belts
Stainless steel hardware
Weight: 17kg

About range:
Range depends on rider's weight, terrain and riding style, 80km range is a theoretical number, experienced riders will have a range between 50 and 60km. If you ride hard you can have a range less than 50km. If you want to compare boards, it's best to compare battery capacity in Wh.

About speed:
The speed is determined by the gear ratio, the kv of the motor and the battery voltage. The board is designed for a maximum speed of 50km/h. The motors are more than powerful enough to go faster, but we do not recommend changing the gear ratio to adjust the top speed.

About the board
This is a high performance board and not a toy! If you don't have experience with e-boards this is probably not what you are looking for. This is a very heavy board, making it difficult to transport on trains or trams.