DopeGrip PRO
DopeGrip PRO

DopeGrip PRO

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 The new hype in the e-skate industry! DopeGrip!

Pimp your ride with DopeGrip

DopeGrip PRO features an industrial high-tech compound that was originally refined for competitive racing exclusively. Once you got a taste of it you'll understand why World Cup finalists swear on this material.


creates a temporary micro-drop around your shoe’s outsole that lock you in exactly when you need it – and only then.

This gives you the extra grip you need while you corner, accelerate, and break.


maximizes your shoe's contact surface compensating for uneven terrain and pavement imperfections.

How good is an aggressive griptape surface if your shoe does not touch it when you need it?


prevents foot fatigue on longer rides.

* 2 sheets DopeGrip PRO 25x35cm