Our Product

We build premium high-performance electric skateboards. Engineered to be durable, made to feel good.

Our Journey

Our everyday goal is to give you an unforgettable ride. We do this by listening to riders and our unstoppable drive for innovation. As a true believer of electric vehicles, we want to make an impact in the esk8 industry.

Our Story

The real start dates back to 2018, in 2018 ElectricBoardSolution was started, a webshop dedicated to designing and selling parts for builders around the world. In 2020 FluxMotion was born, all the knowledge we had gained from selling DIY parts was put into a high-end electric board. The main focus is quality, premium design and outstanding customer service.


Meet Pjotr

From the early days when electric boards were a niche hobby, Pjotr and Frederic (founder FluxMotion) became friends.
Sharing the same passion and living close together meant that meeting up was a frequent occurrence. Whether it was a conversation about FluxMotion's future projects or helping with problems or sharing spare parts when needed, their bond went beyond business - it was true friendship.

In 2023, Pjotr got more involved with FluxMotion to ensure that the boards produced continue to meet Frederic's strict standards. From 2024, Pjotr will be the driving force behind FluxMotion.

Pjotr's ESK8 History
Since 2016, Pjotr has been an active participant in the DIY ESK8 community. He is involved in making electric boards for both himself and friends, while also taking the lead in organising ESK8 events in Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, Pjotr is the driving force behind ElectricPacks, specialising in providing high-quality custom-made batteries for the ESK8 community.

R.I.P Frederic 2022

About the founder

Frederic, the founder of FluxMotion, is an industrial engineer with a passion for all types of boards. From kitesurfing to snowboarding, nothing is beyond him.

Since 2018, Frederic has been an active member of the DIY community, designing and selling parts for builders around the world via electricboardsolutions.com.

In 2020 a new brand was launched, FluxMotion, all knowledge we gained by selling DIY parts was put in one high-end board. The main focus is quality, premium design and outstanding customer service.

Tragically, we lost the visionary behind FluxMotion in 2022. Frederic left behind awesome memories and an established company in the ESK8 scene.