Who We Are

Our Product

We build premium high-performance electric skateboards. Engineered to be durable, made to feel good.

Our Journey

Our everyday goal is to give you an unforgettable ride. We do this by listening to riders and our unstoppable drive for innovation.

Our Story

FluxMotion was founded in 2018. As a true believer of electric vehicles, we wanted to have our impact in the esk8 industry.

About the founder

Frederic, the founder of FluxMotion, is an industrial engineer with a passion for all types of boards. From kitesurfing to snowboarding, nothing is beyond him.

Since 2018, Frederic has been an active member of the DIY community, designing and selling parts for builders around the world via electricboardsolutions.com.

In 2020 a new brand was launched, FluxMotion, all knowledge we gained by selling DIY parts was put in one high-end board. The main focus is quality, premium design and outstanding customer service.

Let's ride