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Range depends on riders' weight, terrain, and ride style. The advertised 80km range is a theoretical number, experienced riders will have a range between 50 and 60km. When riding hard, you can have a range below 50km. If you want to compare boards, best to compare the battery capacity in Wh. The board has a 12s11p battery with Samsung 18650 35E cells, the total capacity is 1500Wh.

We designed the board with a maximum speed of 45km/h. Speed is determined by gear ratio, motor kv, and battery voltage. The motors are more than powerful enough to go faster, however we do not recommend it, you can change the gear-ratio to adjust top speed.

We can ship to all EU countries and the USA. If you want to purchase a board from a different country, please contact us through email. We offer UPS standard shipping to Europe. Outside of Europe, we offer UPS Express. Therefore all purchases will be shipped within 3 business days for all customers.

To be able to produce efficiently we don't do custom orders.

There is a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects. This does not include normal wear and tear.

Design and production is done in Belgium. Parts are manufactured all around the world.

ElectricBoardSolution is our webshop for DIY parts and pieces which we started several years ago. Throughout those years we gained knowledge and experience which led to the FLUX board, which you can find at fluxmotion.eu.

All products are shipped from Belgium. Customers from the EU will not have extra charges. Customers ordering from outside the EU might encounter import charges depending on local customs regulations.