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Flux AT2
Flux AT2
Flux AT2

Flux AT2

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Please note this is a pre-order, expected shipping date end-June.

Update: orders after 18th of June will be shipped in August, more info, send an email to info@fluxmotion.eu

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After successfully selling the fist generation of the Flux AT, we went back to the design table and made some improvements:

  • Flex battery PCB - no wires no fuss
  • In-house VESC® compatible hardware - no longer dependent on third parties 
  • New enclosure to house the new battery and esc
  • Optional half-open bindings - better connection to the board & deeper carves TBA
  • Lighting options - tap power directly from your board's battery TBA

Up to 80km range (1500Wh, 12s11p Samsung 35E)
Speed up to 45km/h
2x 6374 3500W maytech motor's
Flux ESC compatible with VESC® software

200mm/8" pneumatic tires
MBS Rockstar II hubs
Metal Matrix II trucks 
Orange and yellow shockblocks
Custom deck: poplar, glass - and carbonfiber
CNC aluminum 7075 motor mounts
20mm wide pulleys and belts
15T steel motor pulley
68T aluminum wheel pulley
Flipsky VX1 remote
10A charger
2 spare belts
Stainless steel hardware
Weight: 17kg


About range:
Range depends on rider's weight, terrain and riding style, 80km range is a theoretical number, experienced riders will have a range between 50 and 60km. If you ride hard you can have a range less than 50km. If you want to compare boards, it's best to compare battery capacity in Wh.

About speed:
The speed is determined by the gear ratio, the kv of the motor and the battery voltage. The board is designed for a maximum speed of 50km/h. The motors are more than powerful enough to go faster, but we do not recommend changing the gear ratio to adjust the top speed.

About the board
This is a high performance board and not a toy! If you don't have experience with e-boards this is probably not what you are looking for. This is a very heavy board, making it difficult to transport on trains or trams. 

2 years warranty on manufacturing defects

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