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Deck Features

Glass- and carbonfiber

Two layers of TriAxial fiberglass make the deck very durable and have great pop. The bottom has a layer of carbon fiber making the deck super strong.

Mixed woodcore

Maple and ash are used in the core of the deck. Different woods give the deck the right strength while still being very light.

Handmade in Europe

All decks are pressed and finished in Europe. Only native wood is used making it a sustainable product.


The w-shape nicely follows the profile of your foot to support and maintain foot control when riding. 

Integrated inserts

Inserts integrated into the deck allow for easy installation of the freeboard half-open bindings.

PU sidewalls

A PoliUrethane edge around the entire deck provides extra protection and prevents delamination.

Battery Features

Flexible PCB

The battery cells are mounted on a flexible PCB this ensures that the battery bends nicely with the deck.

Samsung Li-Ion cells

Only high quality Samsung Li-ion 18650 35E cells are used in the pack. This type of cells provide a large capacity and long lifetime.

Keep it safe

The battery has no wires because all the balance wires are built into the pcb. Keep it simple to keep it safe.